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“Management Of Covid-19 Vaccination Process – Challenges, Threats & Best Practices”, on 30 June 2021



"...COVID -19 vaccine rollout has started in all South East European (SEE) countries. All countries had their deployment plans prepared and are addressing the challenges and complexities related to mass vaccination trying to speed up the vaccination process..."

"Challenges of an integrated surveillance system"- Albania, June 2021

24 June 2021 - Day 1 of the workshop

On 24-25 June 2021, SECID organized a two day workshop in Vlore, Albania. " Challenges of an integrated surveillance system" was the theme of the workshop that brought together health experts (epidemiologists, virologists, vet epidemiologists, health care worker...) from national and districts level. The meeting and it's fruitful discussions served also as a way to optimize the systems regarding the needs of a daily work.

20 May 2021-Annual Meeting of SEE Countries on Influenza and COVID Surveillance Activities








On 20 May 2021, SECID hosted the “Annual Meeting of SEE Countries on Influenza and COVID Surveillance Activities”.The aim of the meeting was to present the challenges of maintaining influenza surveillance during COVID -19 pandemic and how the existing influenza surveillance systems were used during this pandemic.

The main objectives were to: