Sentinel Site Visits in Croatia





      In the framework of the fourth year of Project "Surveillance and Response to Avian and Pandemic Influenza by National Health Authorities of Countries of South East Europe" in Croatia were organized visits in sentinel sites. 

On 27.12.2016 in Zagreb, Croatia, specialists from Institute of Public Health have conducted “Influenza and Pneumonia” meetings in clinics for infectious diseases regarding new Influenza Season and in Rijeka city as well.


Training on biosafety and biosecurity procedures in all microbiologist laboratories at NIPH Kosovo*

Workshop NIPH Kosovo*


  In the framework of the action plan of the fourth year of project “Surveillance And Response To Avian And Pandemic Influenza”, funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on March, 2017 a biosafety workshop has been organized for the staff of the Microbiology Department at the NIPH Kosovo*. There were twenty one participants in the workshop and the main point of discussion was biosafety in microbiology laboratories, including primarily and secondary barriers, personal protective equipment, facilities and staff role on this subject.

TDTR, Regional Meeting, 10-12 April 2017

TDTR Regional Meeting Day, April 2017

In the framework of the project ‘Improving early detection and response of country and cross border diseases, events and risks by digitalization of priority surveillance sources’, in partnership and supported by Skoll Global Threats Fund- SGTF USA, on 10-12 April 2017, SECID has organized the Regional Meeting "Time to Detect and Time to Respond of Outbreaks and Surveillance Digitalization Challenges in SEE Countries".  This three day meeting was held at Rogner Hotel Tirana, Albania and there were participants from different areas and countries such as: epidemiologists, public health, infor