Welcome to the "Southeast European Center for Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases" website!

SECID -  South East European Center of Infectious Diseases Surveillance and Control

We are very pleased to have you here and we want to make the best of your experience with our website. 

You can go through the SECID website as an anonymous visitor or a registered user.

The anonymous visitor can read everything on the website, including blog posts on which he can also comment. Visitors can see and reply on topics in the Open Forum, that is open for everyone to discuss. 

The registered user (a user that logs-in the website) on the other hand has more access and more rights than the visitor. A user can write a new blog post and of course comment on blog posts. Also a user, can access the Closed Forum, a forum that is visible and accessible only to registered users. Here a user can reply on previous forum topics or open a new topic for discussion. 

If you want to register as a user on our website, go to the end of the page and find "Create a new account" on the User Menu. Fill in the necessary information and we will send a link to your email for you to follow and set a password for your new account. 

Once you have your username and password you can log into the website using the User Menu at the end of the page. 

Feel free to register as users on our website, so you can give your contribution too!


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