Seminar “Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Albania – Screening and Vaccination”

This event took place following the Roundtable Meeting Lobbing of Parties of Interest to Support the Prevention of Cervical Cancer (November the 6th 2013, Tirana), which was finalized with the signing of the Declaration of Wisdom

The Seminar was organized with the support of SECID, GSK, MSD, UNFPA, ACPD.

The Seminar aimed to discuss and get a consensus among health professionals and institutions on the ways of preventing the cervical cancer in Albania through screening and vaccination.

The objectives were the following:

  • Planning the setting up of the screening system of cervical cancer in Albania
  • Harmonizing the experience and approaches  related to the legal and regulatory platform
  • Coordinating the experience and approaches about the role that should  have regional health institutions and central and tertiary ones as well, in the future national screening program
  • Drafting the action plan including priority short-term activities in this field.
  • Assessing the capacities of the country regarding to the preparation of recommendations on HPV vaccine application in Albania and to the utilization of technical recommendation of ECDC, WHO, etc.
  • Presenting and discussing on the possibilities of  functioning and financing a HPV vaccination program in Albania
  • Drafting a guideline about the possibilities of financing the vaccination and screening programmes in Albania.

For more information please read the Agenda

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