Round Table on COVID-19 and Influenza season 2020/2021, Kosovo*









On 13 October 2020 participants from Sentinel Sites, Epidemiologists, Infectiologist, Pediatrician, specialist from IUC, Pneumologist and GP were gathered on a round table to discuss lessons learned from Influenza and Covid- 19 in National Institute of Public Health, Kosovo*. 

The main discussions of the meeting were; actively investigation, contact  tracing, timely reporting, and testing, in order to early detect influenza/Covid-19 cases. Also epidemiological situation was discussed and virus characteristics during this season in  Kosovo*  comparing with other countries.   

Conclusions and recommendations of the meeting:

-              Strengthening the collaboration through periodical meetings and exchange the experiences

-              The need for compilation of rapid response protocols and needs based on the recommendation

-              Organize periodically  meetings and trainings during influenza/ COVID 19 season

-              The need for more periodically  meetings and trainings during influenza season

-              Organize joint activities and field visits.