Evaluation of SARI/ILI Sentinel Surveillance System, April - May 2018, Kosovo*







Activities regarding Evaluation of SARI/ILI Surveillance were organized in Kosovo* during April-June 2018.

At the beginning informal meeting were conducted with influenza coordinators at sentinel sites to inform them about the evaluation process of sentinel SARI and ILI surveillance system which would be performed.

On May 2018, after the informal meetings and visits to some regional Public Health Centers was organized a workshop to present the importance of evaluation of SARI/ILI Surveillance System, to present the questionnaire and to train the staff of sentinel sites and central & regional epidemiologist about evaluation of surveillance system (methods, indicators , filling the questionnaire). After workshop the questionnaires were distributed to the sentinel sites (Prishtina and Prizren) and all the work (collection of the questionnaires, data entry and analysis) is under the process and it is expected that the final report to be shared until November- December 2018.

All the activities mentioned above are in the framework of the Project “Surveillance and Response to Avian and Pandemic Influenza”, funded by Center of Disease Control Prevention (CDC).