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PRO/AH/EDR> Hantavirus - Americas (08): Chile (AR)

healthmap - 2 hours 51 min ago
Hantavirus -- Chile
A 44-year-old woman resident of Curacautin died after contracting a hantavirus according to confirmation by health authorities in Araucania.
Verification of the case is continuing with interviews with family members and neighbors of the victim, "who appeared to have acquired the infection in rural areas of the community," according to the regional health SEREMI [Regional Health Ministerial Secretariat], Gloria Rodriguez.
"This investigation is still underway so we will issue information
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PRO/AH/EDR> Crimean-Congo hem. fever - Europe (04): Georgia (SJ) fatal

healthmap - 4 hours 12 min ago
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever -- United States
In Tbilisi, a 49-year-old woman died of Crimean-Congo [hemorrhagic] fever. As reported in the infectious diseases hospital, 2 days ago [Wed 21 Jul 2021] she was taken in a grave condition from the Akhaltsikhe clinic [in Samtskhe-Javakheti].
According to the hospital, the patient received all the necessary treatment in the intensive care unit, but due to the severity of the disease, it was not possible to save her.
According to existing information, the woman went to the local clinic
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PRO/AH/EDR> Crimean-Congo hem. fever - Asia (07): Iraq, fatal

healthmap - 4 hours 14 min ago
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever -- Iraq
Today, Saturday (24 Jul 2021), the Veterinary Hospital in Diyala announced its rejection of the preventive ban on marketing livestock and sheep from Al-Khalis district, which was imposed after the 1st death from [Crimean-Congo] hemorrhagic fever, was recorded in the governorate.
The director of the veterinary hospital in Diyala, Riyad Al-Tai, said in an exclusive statement to (Baghdad Today) that "the preventive curfew imposed on Al-Khalis district and its villages, which lasted for 3
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PRO/AH/EDR> E. coli EHEC - USA (13): O121, cake mix

healthmap - 12 hours 42 min ago
E. coli -- United States
An ongoing _E. coli_ outbreak affecting 16 people in 12 states has been linked to cake mix. The CDC, public health and regulatory officials in several states, and the FDA are investigating the multistate outbreak of _E. coli_ O121 infections from cake mix. All those sick are female and illness dates range from 26 Feb 2021 to 21 Jun 2021.
Sick people range in age from 2 to 73 years old, with a median of 13. 75 percent are children under the age of 18. Children are more likely to have a
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PRO/AH/EDR> Yellow fever - Africa (06): Senegal

healthmap - 12 hours 46 min ago
Yellow Fever -- Senegal
Diagne MM, Ndione MHD, Gaye A, et al. Yellow Fever Outbreak in Eastern Senegal, 2020-2021. Viruses. 2021; 13(8) 1475.
Yellow fever virus remains a major threat in low resource countries in South America and Africa despite the existence of an effective vaccine. In Senegal and particularly in the eastern part of the country, periodic sylvatic circulation has been demonstrated with varying degrees of impact on populations in perpetual renewal. We report an outbreak that
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PRO/AH/EDR> African swine fever - America: Dominican Republic (MC, SZ) domestic, OIE

healthmap - 12 hours 59 min ago
African Swine Fever -- Dominican Republic
General information
Report type: Immediate notification
Started: 30 Jun 2021
Confirmed: 28 Jul 2021
Reported: 29 Jul 2021
Reason for notification: Recurrence
Last occurrence: 29 Apr 1981
Manifestation of disease: Clinical disease
Causal agent: African swine fever virus
Nature of diagnosis: Necropsy, laboratory
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country.
Outbreak location 1: La Mina, Las Matas de Santa Cruz, [Monte Cristi]
Date of start of the outbreak: 1 Jul
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PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (261): Singapore, mental illness, vaccine mix & match, WHO

healthmap - 13 hours 9 min ago
COVID-19 -- Singapore
To date, no immunological data on COVID-19 heterologous vaccination schedules in humans have been reported. We assessed the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of BNT162b2 (Comirnaty, BioNTech, Mainz, Germany) administered as second dose in participants primed with ChAdOx1-S (Vaxzevria, AstraZeneca, Oxford, UK).
We did a phase 2, open-label, randomised, controlled trial on adults aged 18-60 years, vaccinated with a single dose of ChAdOx1-S 8-12 weeks before screening,
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Biden: Federal workers must get COVID-19 vaccine

cidrap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 23:39
Stephanie Soucheray | News Reporter | CIDRAP NewsJul 29, 2021

The president also unveiled a new incentive plan and asked school districts to hold another round of pop-up vaccination for kids agest 12 and up.

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News Scan for Jul 29, 2021

cidrap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 21:41
Pfizer COVID vaccine at 6 monthsMIS-C 6-month follow-upLassa fever in LiberiaPackaged salad Salmonella update
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Israeli study finds 2.6% COVID breakthrough infection rate

cidrap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 21:40
Mary Van Beusekom | News Writer | CIDRAP NewsJul 29, 2021

Most cases were mild to moderate, but one in five had long COVID symptoms.

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Israeli advisors back COVID vaccine boosters for older people

cidrap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 21:14
Lisa Schnirring | News Editor | CIDRAP NewsJul 29, 2021

Meanwhile, Africa's vaccine supply showed improvements and Delta-driven surges increased in parts of Asia and the Middle East.

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PRO/AH/EDR> West Nile virus (05): Americas (WA) horse

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 20:26
West Nile Virus -- United States
The Washington State Veterinary Office has confirmed a horse at a private facility in Yakima County with West Nile virus (WNV).
WNV transmission occurs when infected mosquitoes feed on animals, as well as humans, after having fed on infected birds.
Clinical signs of WNV in horses include:
- mild anorexia and depression;
- fine and coarse muscle and skin fasciculation;
- hyperesthesia (hypersensitivity to touch and sound);
- changes in mentation (mentality), when horses look like
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PRO/AH/EDR> Equine herpesvirus - North America (11): USA (ID) horse

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 20:24
Equine Herpes Virus -- United States
Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) officials have confirmed an Owyhee County mare with equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1). 40 other horses were exposed.
On 20 Jul 2021 the affected mare was recumbent (unable to stand) and by 23 Jul 2021, she had recovered the ability to stand and walk. No other horses on her farm have shown clinical signs.
Herpesvirus is highly contagious among horses and can cause a variety of ailments in equids, including rhinopneumonitis (a respiratory disease
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Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Jul 29, 2021

cidrap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 20:19
Global antibiotic use in animalsUK foodborne pathogen project
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PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (260): animal, USA, wild deer, exposure, RFI

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 20:19
COVID-19 -- United States
The US Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) recently completed a study that analyzed serum samples from free-ranging white-tailed deer for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Results of the study indicate that certain white-tailed deer populations in Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania were exposed to SARS-CoV-2.
Samples were obtained opportunistically as part of wildlife damage management activities conducted by
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PRO/AH/EDR> Equine piroplasmosis - Japan: (TK) 1st rep, OIE

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 20:11
Other Animal Disease -- Japan
Report type: immediate notification
Started: 24 Jul 2021
Confirmed: 24 Jul 2021
Reported: 26 Jul 2021
Reason for notification: 1st occurrence in the country
Causal agent: _Theileria equi_
Nature of diagnosis: clinical, laboratory
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country.
Outbreak location: Equestrian Park, Setagaya, Tokyo
Started: 24 Jul 2021
Ended: ongoing
Epidemiological unit: other
Affected animals:
Species / Susceptible / Cases / Deaths / Killed and disposed
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PRO/AH/EDR> Prion disease update (02): France, lab worker, susp, moratorium on research

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 16:00
CJD -- France
1. Brandel JP, Vlaicu MB, Culeux A, et al. Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease diagnosed 7.5 years after occupational exposure. N Engl J Med. 2020; 383(1): 83-85. .
2. Haybaeck J, Heikenwalder M, Klevenz B, et al. Aerosols transmit prions to immunocompetent and immunodeficient mice. PLoS Pathog. 2011; 7(1): e1001257; . Erratum in: PLoS Pathog. 2016; 12(2): e1005463; .
While the latest case has not been definitively proven, there appears to be a link with research exposure in the case of the
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PRO/PL> Cyst nematode, soybean - Canada, USA: new strains, host resistance breakdown

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 15:48
Other Plant Disease -- Canada
Soybean cyst nematode [SCN] is spreading rapidly. It was found in 24 new counties and municipalities in Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec from 2017-2020; in the US, SCN was found in 55 new counties across 11 states. It is expected that the pathogen will continue to spread. However, SCN has not been reported so far in West Virginia or Prince Edward Island.
"There are 2 different aspects to SCN spread in Ontario," said Albert Tenuta, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. "The
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PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (259): animal, South Africa (GT) lion, zoo, OIE

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 15:44
COVID-19 -- South Africa
Report type: Immediate notification
Start: 22 Jun 2021
Confirmed: 28 Jun 2021
Reported: 27 Jul 2021
Event status: ongoing
Reason for notification: emerging disease
Event morbidity (%): 100
Event mortality: -
Zoonotic potential: -
Diagnostic details: clinical, laboratory test
Causal agent: SARS-CoV-2
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country.
New outbreaks (1)
Outbreak location 1: City of Johannesburg, Gauteng
Started: 22 Jun 2021
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PRO/AH/EDR> Rift Valley fever - Eastern Africa (05): Kenya (KB) cattle, OIE

healthmap - Thu, 29/07/2021 - 05:05
Rift Valley Fever -- Kenya
General information
Report type: Immediate notification
Started: 14 Jun 2021
Confirmed: [5 Jul 2021]
Reported: 28 Jul 2021
Reason for notification: Recurrence
Last occurrence: 17 Mar 2021
Causal agent: Rift Valley fever virus
Nature of diagnosis: Clinical, laboratory
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country.
Outbreak location: Kikuyu, Kiambu
Date of start of the outbreak: 14 Jun 2021
Epidemiological unit: Farm
Affected animals
Species / Susceptible / Cases /
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