Our Mission


SECID MISSION  is to develop and support evidence-based public interest projects and health system development initiatives, the practical implementation of which would improve the surveillance and control of communicable diseases and strengthen health security in the countries of Southeastern Europe and beyond. 

SECID aims to make the connection between Regional Development Center of Control and Surveillance of Infectious Diseases in South-Eastern Europe by the Department of Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Public Health in Tirana, with all public agencies and private or professional ones, operating in the region of South East Europe and beyond, in order to improve the ability to capture and respond to infectious diseases and unusual health events in each country and abroad, to strengthen security cooperation and regional development. It will provide a coordination platform for South-Eastern European countries mentioned above, to ensure a better use of support provided by different agencies and to be both a collaborator and a strong supporter for all donors.


SECID aims to develop and support any project in the public interest of an exclusively scientific nature and/or education that has practical interest in improving the control and surveillance of infectious diseases in the countries of Southeastern Europe.


SECID will focus on four strategic activities:

1.    Improvement and building of regional and cross-border capacitiesSECID facilitates and promotes capacity strengthening and building new capacity where they are missing in the region of South-Eastern Europe, including creative ideas of even a single expert, by exploiting any kind of inter-regional public and private, educational tools, case studies and experience, technical expertise, data and the best resource practices, in order to help the network to develop new competencies and skills, centers of excellence and to build partnerships and operational cooperation at every level among Southeastern European countries or partners and the countries concerned.

2.    Building and promoting regional initiatives "One Health": SECID aims to modernize the control and surveillance of diseases, reinforce security by improving coordination between health sectors of animals, people and environment, or other sectors that influence at national, regional and international level.

3.    Innovation promotion and testing in the field: SECID is a network that allows partners and individuals operating in Southeastern Europe to share their views on innovative ideas for the control and surveillance of diseases and detect or respond in time to unusual events. The Foundation also provides an organized platform for simultaneous development of new technologies and innovation in the region and beyond, among professionals and public and private institutions.

4.    Creation of sustainable initiatives and collaboration with networks and other agencies: SECID works to strengthen national and international initiatives on control and surveillance of diseases and to facilitate the creation, of new intiatives right there where epidemiological risk is high. It collaborates with agencies and other similar international networks to reinforce existing initiatives or build new initiatives in terms of disease control and increased security.


SECID will fulfill its mission through activities such as the following: training, site visits, instant exchange of information using technology tools, conferences, field activities, promotion and awareness, public health programs buildings both regional and cross-border, evaluation of policies and initiatives, technical publications, etc.