SECID is an integral part of the Regional Development Center RCD-CDC which is already a separate unit of the department of Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Public Health of Albania.


A dedicated office at the Institute of Public Health in Tirana.


Decison Making Body of SECID is the Bord of Directors. Bord of Directors is composed by an even number of 3 (three) or more persons from all or selected SEE countries and the secretariat, including the Executive DirectorMembers of the Board of Directors are individuals and/or legal persons who perform activities in different fields and are related or have a special interest to the aim of the activity of SECID. A legal person is represented to the Board of Directors by his legal representatives.



Advisory Board (from all partner organizations and selected individuals with knowledge on network and/from donor countries as well as WHO, CORDS, ECDC, etc.)