Round Table on COVID-19 and Influenza season 2020/2021, Kosovo*









On 13 October 2020 participants from Sentinel Sites, Epidemiologists, Infectiologist, Pediatrician, specialist from IUC, Pneumologist and GP were gathered on a round table to discuss lessons learned from Influenza and Covid- 19 in National Institute of Public Health, Kosovo*. 

National Online Workshop on ARI, ILI/SARI Surveillance, Romania, November 2020.





On 19-20 November 2020, The National Institute of Public Health (INSP) Romania - The National Centre for Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control (CNSCBT), in collaboration with INCDMM „Cantacuzino” and ARPS (Romanian Health Promotion Association), organized the online national workshop attended by medical epidemiologists working in sentinel county public health authorities, hospital epidemiologists/clinicians involved in SARI surveillance and family doctors involved in ARI and ILI surveillance.  


Bangkok December 2019






SECID in close collaboration with other CORDS networks (APEIR, EAIDSNet, MBDS, MECIDS, SACIDS) and partners, and with support from the Fleming Fund, is implementing a project addressing antimicrobial resistance surveillance (AMR) in Africa and Asia, which is called PARSE – the Partnership for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Excellence.