Country Workshop on Influenza Surveillance and Response in Bosnia & Herzegovina

20-22 August 2014

The Workshop for Bosnia and Herzegovina on Surveillance and Response to Avian and Pandemic Influenza within the CDC Project was held on 20-22 August 2014.

In total 23 participants from FBiH and RS were present in the workshop, including RS and BiH coordinators and Dr. Dragana Dimitrijević, Influenza coordinator for Serbia, as guest speaker.

The first day, Prof.Semra Čavaljuga, BiH Project Coordinator and Mr. Sci. Dr. Nina Rodić-Vukmir, RS Project Coordinator made introductory remarks and the overview of the Workshop.

Dr. Dragana Dimitrijević presented Influenza surveillance system in Serbia very thoroughly. Discussion following her presentation was very interesting, and many of B&H participants participated in, including clinicians - infectologists and hospital epidemiologists - asking a lot to understand SARI surveillance as this was found to be not so easy as expected for them, particularly how to design it within a hospital, which wards to include, how many patients, how to choose patients, etc.

The second day started with presentation of Dr. Rodić-Vukmir how RS designed SARI surveillance for the season 2014/15. Dr. Dimitrijević followed with her presentation on SARi surveillance in Serbia. Both presenters had to answer many questions for clarifications during presentations which showed high interest among participants for these topics.

Afterwards two separate working groups have been setting up to discuss about surveillance assessment.

Conclusions from the group work and the workshop have been presented in the plenary session during the third day.

At the end, Prof. Čavaljuga together with Dr. Rodić-Vukmir shortly presented planned activities for the year 2 of CDC project.

Everyone present to this workshop found it very useful for improving their own knowledge on Influenza and understanding this Project relevance and benefits. They agreed that it was very beneficial for everyone to meet others colleagues from entire Bosnia & Herzegovina and exchange information, experience and knowledge.

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