Annual Influenza Meeting of Vet and IPH in Serbia

3 June 2014

The Institute of Public Health of Serbia ’’D. Milan Jovanovic Batut’’ organized on 3 June 2014 the Annual Influenza Meeting of Vet and IPH with coordinators and deputy coordinators for influenza, veterinarians and infectiologists. In the meeting it was discussed influenza surveillance in humans and animals, as well as it was pointed out the multi sectorial collaboration in terms of assessment of influenza activity.

The General director of Institute of Public Health of Serbia, prim. Dr. sci. med Dragan Ilic welcomed all participants and pointed out the importance of influenza surveillance and the role of the Republic of Serbia in the SEE network and “Surveillance and Response to Avian and Pandemic Influenza” project.

6 lecturers presented the following presentations:

  • Influenza and WHO
  • Influenza surveillance system and International Health Regulation - Institute of Public Health of Serbia ’’Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut’’
  • Organization of veterinary surveillance of avian influenza in the Republic of Serbia - Veterinary Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment
  • Virological diagnosis of influenza - National reference laboratory for influenza and other respiratory viruses, Institute of virology, vaccines and sera “Torlak”
  • Diagnostic facilities NRL for Avian Influenza and other authorized veterinary laboratory in Serbia - Veterinary Specialist Institute "Kraljevo", National Reference Laboratory for Avian Influenza Republic of Serbia
  • The clinical presentation of influenza virus infection - Clinical Center of Serbia, Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Belgrade

The discussions with the colleagues were very interesting, useful and operational. Participants pointed out the importance of organizing this meeting, the multi sectorial collaboration, intersectorial link and communication / systematic and structured flow of information among different sectors and communication, timely exchange of data, multidisciplinary approaches, the strong capacity of reference laboratories, the importance of surveillance, etc. 

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