Sentinel Site visits in Macedonia

June -July 2014

Within the framework of the Project “Surveillance and Response to Avian and pandemic Influenza by National Health Authorities of Countries of South East Europe”, influenza sentinel sites visits were carried out in Republic of Macedonia.

In the period from 20 June to 24 July 2014, different health care institutions in Macedonia were visited, such as:

- Six sentinel ILI/ARI sites  from 5 cities in Macedonia  (2 are from capital city ) - Primary Health Care Offices:  Gineko Medicus,  Skopje; Dr Svetlana A.Stojkova, Skopje; Zeroski, Prilep; Toni Medika, Tetovo; Hipokrat, Veles; and Dr Nadzakova, Shtip

- Out of two nominated SARI sentinel site, University Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases in Skopje was visited during this period of time.

Site visits were realized by experts - epidemiologist and microbiologist from the Institute of Public Health. During the visits the following topics were covered:

  • determination of  sentinel site coordinator - responsible person
  • list of staff who will be involved in the process  of reporting, collecting and transport of samples  
  • level and type of health care
  • capacities - number of patients / number of beds /intensive care / number of consultation per week/ data regarding age, sex, risk factors
  • presence  and use of PPE
  • previous trainings / need for training regarding collection of data, collection and transport of samples
  • clarification of case definition for ILI/ARI/SARI
  • explanation of the reporting forms, request form for lab investigation, practical organization of  collection, storage and transport of samples 

The final step after the site visits was the proposal to the Ministry of Health for the official nomination of influenza sentinel sites.  

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