Workshop on introducing Sentinel Surveillance in Sarajevo, BiH

03 July 2014

Within the framework of the Project “Surveillance and Response to Avian and pandemic Influenza by National Health Authorities of Countries of South East Europe”, on 03.07.2014 at the Federal Institute for Public Health was held the workshop with participation of health care professionals from the Primary health care center Novi Grad, designated for sentinel surveillance ILI in the Federation, BiH.

The workshop was attended by 21 participants from services for paediatrics, school and family medicine. The topics included:

• Surveillance of influenza in the Federation, BiH-types of surveillance

• Introduction of ILI supervision in BiH

• ILI reporting

• Sampling and transport of laboratory materials for diagnosing influenza virus


Discussions led to the following conclusions:

  • Health care workers are generally interested in the introduction of sentinel surveillance and want to be part of the network
  • Ambiguities in the number of physicians who will be involved in sentinel surveillance (due to large number of services in organization of Primary health care center Novi Grad)
  • Questionable sentinel surveillance during weekends
  • Provide outpatient sample form ILI in the form of "The Book of patterns with prints" for each sentinel doctor, which will shorten the time of writing in triplicates
  • Require refrigerators for storage and transport of samples to the referral laboratory
  • It is not defined who is doing the transportation of samples to referral laboratory - necessary to find solutions and deal with decision makers.


The formal setting up of the network and implementation modalities will be discussed at the levels of both Federal ministry of health and Federal institute for public health. They will discuss the possibility of involving some other actors in this network (Medical faculty, Cantonal institute for public health, etc.).

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