Workshop in Macedonia

The Country Workshop to discuss Influenza Surveillance” took place on the 11th-14th February 2014 in Skopje, Macedonia, in the framework of implementation of the “Surveillance and Response to Avian and pandemic Influenza by National Health Authorities of Countries of South East Europe” Project.

The Influenza Surveillance system in Macedonia has been evaluated in the workshop. The goal of this evaluation was to determine the current status of influenza surveillance in Macedonia using WHO Influenza Guidelines and evaluate the laboratory capacity for the detection of Influenza viruses.

Participants of the workshop were epidemiologists and virologists of the Republic of Macedonia. Dr. Pernille Jorgensen from WHO EURO participated as a technical consultant in a mission to assist during this assessment and, to evaluate the capacities of National Influenza Laboratory within Influenza Surveillance in Macedonia. Dr. Angel Kunchev from Ministry of Health of Bulgaria also assisted the workshop as a regional expert. Dr. Silvia Bino and Ms. Ledia Agolli from SECID participated as well in this workshop.

During their stay in Macedonia, a meeting was organized between Dr. Bino and Ms. Agolli from SECID; Dr A. Kunchev; Dr. P.Jorgensen and the WHO Head of Country Office in Macedonia-Chichevalieva, Ms. Snezhana. In the meeting they pointed out the importance of strengthening the cooperation and collaboration between SEE countries related the work to improve influenza surveillance.

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