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“Assessment of Newly Digitalized Surveillance System in Albania and Exchanging Best Novel Practices” on 04-05 July 2018, Tirana, Albania







The workshop “Assessment of Newly Digitalized Surveillance System in Albania and Exchanging Best Novel Practices took place on 04-05 July 2018, in Tirana, Albania.

This workshop was organized by SECID – Southeast European Center for Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases, in the framework of the Project ‘Improving early detection and response of country and cross border diseases, events and risks by digitalization of priority surveillance sources’, supported by the Skolls Global Threats Fund – SGTF USA- Ending Pandemic

The aim of this workshop was to discuss the newly build software for surveillance and response system in Albanian and exchange information and best practices with experts from different settings.

Objectives of the workshop were:

  1. To present the new features of the digitalized surveillance system and responses;
  2. To evaluate the role of event based and participatory surveillance in the system;
  3. To discuss the link within the system between early detection and response.

The discussion during the working groups were mainly focused on:

  1. Challenges on improving the digitalization of surveillance system in Albania and what platform for other SEE countries;
  2. Further steps of testing and implementation of the digitalized system in Albania;
  3. Establishing One Health surveillance in Albania and SEE by using the examples and best practices in Albania, Macedonia and other countries.