Workshop on “Event Based Surveillance”, 20-21 June, 2018, Tirane, Albania






"Event-Based Surveillance Workshop" was organized by Robert Koch Institute in collaboration with Institute of Public Health in Albania and South East European Center for Infectious Diseases, on 20-21 June 2018.

Event-based surveillance describes the organized and rapid capture of information about events that pose potential risk to public health and should be a part of a country’s early warning and response structures by complementing existing indicator-based surveillance functions.

Before EBS in Albania can be implemented country-wide, it is necessary to not only re-assess the current event notification system, but also to formalize procedures following notification, which are required in order to use the collected data on events most effectively within the country’s public health system.

Objectives of the workshop were:

•        Introduction of the objectives and principles of EBS

•        Introduce and assess the currently piloted EBS notification concept in Albania

•        Define processes and procedures following EBS notification in Albania

This activity took place at Institute of Public Health in Tirana and there were participants from national and local level that deal with the notification, filtering, verification and assessment of events, which pose a risk to public health.