Consultative meetings on the integrated infectious diseases electronic system







The Institute of Public Health (IPH) in cooperation with the Southeast European Center for Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases (SECID) are piloting the new reporting forms of the integrated infectious diseases system.

During April 2018 a group of IPH epidemiologists together with SECID experts have conducted meetings in various districts (Fier, Vlora, and Tirana) to present to various healthcare stakeholders the notification forms and protocols. Another objective of these visits was to test under filed conditions the electronic infectious disease information system which is currently being developed by IPH and SECID. Local epidemiologists of District Public Health Directorates, doctors form hospitals, health centers, microbiological laboratories, clinics and private laboratories, as well as representatives of associations that provide health services were trained on the reporting protocols and discussed various aspects of disease definitions, diagnosis and health event reporting. The piloting phase will implemented until august 2018 and it is expected to generate valuable insights to improve and adapt the electronic infectious disease information system.

This activity is implemented in the framework of the Project “‘Improving early detection and response of country and cross border diseases, events and risks by digitalization of priority surveillance sources’, supported by the Skolls Global Threats Fund – SGTF US”.