Scanning Process- Time to Detect and Time to Respond







On 14-15 February a two days training with DDD was organized, at Tirana International Hotel, with scanning hardware and scanning documents.  This training was done in the framework of the project ‘Improving early detection and response of country and cross border diseases, events and risks by digitalization of priority surveillance sources’, in partnership and supported by Skoll Global Threats Fund- SGTF USA.

After collecting surveillance documents at the Institute of Public Health as well as at Public Health Departments in the districts and also after the selection of staff to do the scanning, the process of scanning has started on 16 March 2017. It was set up a scanning room at IPH Tirana, where it took place a one training day for the staff in charge of scanning, to ensure that everyone understands the work flow and responsibilities.

The scanning timeframe is planned to be maximum 40 working days.