Leishmania meeting in WHO Headquarters-Geneva

A leishmania meeting was held in WHO headquarters- Geneva, on 15 December 2016.  The objective of the meeting explained by José A. Ruiz Postigo, head of the leishmaniasis control programme and Elkhan Gasimov, focal point for vector borne diseases at WHO European Region office in Copenhagen, was to discuss in detail how can be improved the reporting system between European countries and WHO. CORDS was invited and represented by a participant of SECID network and experts from LeishMan network participated giving in detail their ideas and thoughts on the improvement of the data repository at the Global Leishmaniasis Control and Surveillance programme http://www.who.int/leishmaniasis/burden/Country_profiles/en/


 and the Global Health Observatory  http://www.who.int/gho/neglected_diseases/leishmaniasis/en/