Bosnia and Herzegovina, Annual Influenza Country Meeting

July 2016

A three days meeting of the representatives from the responsible health institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina: (Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Federal Ministry of health, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the RS, Department for Health and Other services of Brcko District BiH, Public Health Institutes of the Federation BiH and the Republika Srpska) was held in Teslić, on 4th July and from 14 -15 July 2016. Participants have presented current situation in the health sector and the results achieved with regards to surveillance system and laboratory capacity within the implementation of the Project Surveillance and Response to Avian and Pandemic Influenza”, Grant No. 5U51IP000841-03, funded by CDC. In the  meeting, the following issues were discussed: Influenza surveillance, information management for surveillance data, and reporting system according to international recommendations; Laboratory capacities, influenza testing, quality assurance and reporting of national laboratories; Capacities to detect outbreaks of severe respiratory and febrile illnesses and rapid response and containment for both human and animals; Pandemic preparedness; One Health concept as a part of multi-sectoral approach.