Macedonia, Coordination meeting between medical and veterinary experts

27 July 2016

In the framework of the project “Surveillance And Response To Avian And Pandemic Influenza”, Grant Nr. 5U51IP000841-03, funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on 27.07.2016 at the Institute of Public Health (IPH) of Macedonia was held the coordination meeting between medical and vet experts.

The meeting was opened by the director of the IPH Ass. Dr. Shaban Memeti who stressed the importance of improving collaboration between institutions and experts working on surveillance and prevention of communicable diseases affecting humans and animals. Prim dr Golubinka Bosevska, PhD, continued opening session highlighting the need for continuous cooperation between these sectors, and introduced speakers and participants in the meeting.


There were 4 presentations in the meeting:


  • The presentation of the system for influenza surveillance in Macedonia: routine system for surveillance of influenza which is the same with surveillance of other communicable diseases by the Law; EWARN system for surveillance of syndromes and sentinel surveillance system of ILI/ARI and SARI.
  • Presentation of data of the influenza season 2015/2016 and  comparison between sentinel data and routine data collected, highlighting the advantages of virological surveillance gained with sentinel surveillance.
  • Presentation of the surveillance system of avian influenza and surveillance programs developed by the Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA). It was stressed that all Laws and sub law regulations for animal wellbeing are according EU standards and OIE recommendations. Although Macedonia is not on the road of wild bird’s migration, they have programs and guidelines to perform active and passive surveillance of avian influenza among wild and domestic birds.
  • Presentation of the lab capacity and activities regarding avian influenza diagnosis in animals

During and after presentations active discussion were developed. All participants at the meeting agreed that inter-sectorial collaboration is more than needed and should be straightened and the communication among both sectors (med. and vet) should be done on regular basis.

At the and the participants visited the laboratory of virology and molecular diagnostics at the IPH with presentation of the current capacities and future plans.