Serbia, Annual Influenza Meeting of Vet and IPH

On 02nd June 2016 Institute of Public Health of Serbia ’’Dr Milan JovanovicBatut’’ organized Annual Influenza Meeting of Vet and IPH to discuss influenza surveillance in humans and animals as well as to point out  the multi sectorial collaboration between epidemiologists and infectologists and vets. In the meeting participated representatives (epidemiologists, virologists, vets) from various institutions of Serbia.

The General director of  IPH of Serbia, doc.drsci med Dragan Ilic welcomed all participants and pointed out the importance of influenza surveillance and  the role of of Serbia in the SEE network and in implementation of “Surveillance and Response to Avian and Pandemic Influenza” project, funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The following topics and presentations were discussed:

  • Plan of epizootiological avian Influenza surveillance in Serbia
  • Actual epizootiological situation of avian Influenza in Europe and in the world
  • Public health emergency of international concern, PHEIC-Influenza in the frame of International Health Regulation
  • The latest guidelines for the diagnosis of influenza
  • Retrospective of recent studies of circulation of influenza viruses in animals in Serbia
  • Contemporary therapeutic approach to flu


Participants discussed about the importance of Guidance for the epidemiological surveillance of influenza in the actual season in the Republic of Serbia prepared by Institute of Public Health of Serbia, as well as the Guidance for the virological surveillance of influenza in the actual season prepared by Institute of virolology, vaccines and sera “Torlak”.

Participants emphasized the importance of multisectorial collaboration and approaches in line with One Health principles , intersectorial link and communication, systematic and structured flow of information among different sectors, timely exchange of data, etc.