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Workshop “SARI Surveillance in the Republic of Srpska, BiH”

Workshop SARI Surveillance, Republic of Srpska, 15 May 2014

On the 15th of May  2014 at the Public Health Institute of the Republic of Srpska, BiH in Banja Luka was organized the workshop on SARI Surveillance.

3-5 participants from all 10 hospitals of the Republic of Srpska, BiH, have been invited in the workshop. Due to the enormous floods (they started the day before the workshop) many participants couldn’t attend the workshop. Several participants were late for the same reason (smaller audience in the pictures).

After the welcome speech of the Director of PHI RS, 4 lecturers presented the following presentations:

Technical Meeting on Building an Integrated Web-based Influenza Information System

Preliminary meeting about Influenza Web Platform, May 7th 2014

On May 14th a technical meeting to discuss the possibilities of building a country and regional integrated web based Influenza Information System was organized at the SECID offices - IPH, Tirana, Albania. This activity was planned within the framework of the Project “Surveillance and Response to Avian and pandemic Influenza by National Health Authorities of Countries of South East Europe”.

CDC Site Visit to Albania

CDC Site Visit to Albania, 26th April - 3rd May, 2014

The CDC Site Visit to Albania took place from 26th April to 3rd May 2014. The visit included Influenza Surveillance Review (conducted by Stacey Spivey-Blackford (CDC) and Carina Blackmore (CSTE)) and Influenza Laboratory Capacity Review (conducted by Richard Alexander and Amy Woron (APHL))

The purpose of the visit was to assist with the systematic, standardized review of influenza sentinel site surveillance system and to help identify problems and design solutions.

Specific objectives included:

International Conference - "Monitoring and Surveillance Systems in Public Health" and the Annual Meeting of IANPHI

International Conference -  "Monitoring and Surveillance Systems in Public Health" and the Annual Meeting of IANPHI, April 24th-25th, Albania

On 24-25 April 2014 in Tirana was held the International Conference of Public Health. The main topics addressed at the conference related to surveillance systems and health monitoring - a topic which is obviously a priority and important for the Albanian health system. 

SECID as an administrative partner for Institute of Public Health and considering the importance of the conference has contributed in financial support of this event.